Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Drawing a New Map of North Lebanon, Syrian Fighters Included'

"... These new arrangements suggest that the area is headed toward a new phase that security officials like to compare to the days when Palestinian resistance operations in Lebanon earned the country the moniker, Fatah Land.A high-ranking security officer bases this assessment on the mere fact that North Lebanon hosts around 100,000 Syrian refugees, maintaining that a third of them are prepared to carry arms. Not only that, the same official indicates that data collected by security forces confirms the presence of hundreds of Syrian fighters moving freely inside Lebanese territories....
There are also rumors of a type of Syrian military council in the North, with different tasks being undertaken by the various activists, including fundraising, coordination, and arms supplies. They form something akin to a military shadow government. There are also strong indicators that they are linked to Lebanese political and security figures.In addition to external funding, Syrian national Anwar S. B., AKA Abu-Hassan al-Souri, takes care of supplies and arms in coordination with retired army officers and a Future Movement MP from North Lebanon. It should be noted that Souri was wounded in the explosion of the arms depot in Abi Samra in Tripoli...."

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