Friday, March 1, 2013

An Arab saying: "Going to the Hajj in Mecca when people are returning!"

People. The Political process started a while back! 
"...Some European countries are expected to break with Washington and start supplying the Syrian rebels with weapons in the next few months, the representative of the Syrian opposition in Britain has told the Guardian.The National Coalition's London representative, Walid Saffour, predicted that by the next meeting of the western and Arab Friends of Syria group in Turkey, due in late spring or early summer, "there will be a breakthrough that will end the restrictions of the European countries".
"This would be for the ammunition we require, the quality weapons we need to deter the Syrian regime from using aeroplanes and Scud missiles to bomb villages and bakeries," Saffour said. "We on the ground are advancing steadily (Oh no you're definitely not!) but we are suffering from a lack of ammunition. We expect that to change at the next Friends of Syria meeting in Istanbul." ..."

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