Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A 'successful' experiment in Lebanon replicated in Syria!

 'Images made possible thanks to Israeli wisdom & creation of The 'buffer zone'!'
"... Golan said that Syria's disintegration "could bring Iran to our very doorstep" via terror groups along the Golan Heights border, and that "one of the defensive measures that we of course cannot rule out is creating a defensive buffer zone on the other side of the border, together with interlocutors who will have an interest in cooperating with us against other elements who threaten them too." In 1985, Israel created a buffer zone in southern Lebanon to fight Hezbollah (Actually, it's exactly the other way around: The occupation of South Lebanon led to the creation of Hezbollah!), a deployment that lasted until the IDF withdrawal in 2000. "There is a lot one can say about the experience in Lebanon. At the end of the day, many Lebanese lost their lives for the sake of Israel [South Lebanon Army soldiers] and I don't think that there is anyone complaining about that. We can only complain about the way [the SLA members] were treated after the Israeli withdrawal. Bottom line, [the buffer zone] was one of the most worthy security investments ever made by the State of Israel," Golan says"

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