Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tunisians: "There's no future here!"

"...The assassination of political activist Chokri Belaid on Feb. 6 revealed much about what had been unsaid: The struggle for power in the Arab Spring's birthplace is in a place beyond compromise. Belaid had been a bitter foe of the ruling Ennahda movement, and only hours before his death, he had warned in a television interview that political assassinations would be coming. He placed the blame for them beforehand on the ruling party, which he said was “facilitating attacks on opponents.”Differences between the Ennahda movement and its rivals is becoming existential, another version of the internal conflict in other chaos-stricken Arab states, including Egypt and Lebanon. Those who support Ennahda regard the leftists as traitors and part of a western conspiracy to topple the Islamic movement; they even accuse members of the left of fomenting a counterrevolution on behalf of Ben Ali.
Meanwhile the leftists and other secular opposition parties accuse Ennahda of being a Qatari puppet...."

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