Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Syrian opposition group to open Offices in Washington & New York

[Reuters] "... A source close to the Syrian opposition confirmed that the Washington office would be headed by Oubab Khalil, a realtor in Frisco, Texas. One of the first tasks of the Washington office would be to prepare for a possible trip to the United States by Alkhatib toward the end of the February, the source said.
Establishing liaison offices in New York and Washington could help Syria's fractious opposition improve its credibility as it seeks support for rebels fighting to overthrow Assad's government.
The rebels are poorly armed compared to Assad's army and loyalist militias, which means the government can likely keep fighting after nearly two years of civil war, U.N. diplomats said. Although the rebels are receiving some arms from countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, such military assistance is minimal, they said.
The United States and other Western countries are reluctant to arm the Syrian rebels and have limited their support to non-lethal aid...."

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