Thursday, February 21, 2013

"It is unraveling"

GregorydJohnsen ‏@gregorydjohnsen
Decisions have consequences. US abdication to Saudi on Yemen, throwing weight behind horrible GCC deal, well, this is the result.
"... In the worst days of the popular uprising, secessionist tribal groups carrying the old South Yemeni flag seized a military base in the southern province of Yafai, prompting retaliatory airstrikes. If southern politicians refuse to participate and the National Dialogue collapses, this could well occur again on a much larger scale. Will Picard, head of the Yemen Peace Project, wrote last night about the potential for a renewal of Yemen's 1994 civil war. "More violence is certain," he concluded. "Little else is."
You really had to have your head in the sand to miss what is starting to kick off in  - pretty sad.

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