Monday, February 11, 2013

Fareed Makari: 'I know the difference between Northern & Southern Europe!'

 "...He pointed to "the great efforts being made by France and Germany in particular to keep other European countries from condemning Hezbollah as a whole. Of course, those who are following the situation will notice a big difference between the attitudes of the northern and southern EU states in dealing with this issue. The majority of the northern states tend to take a more hardline position"...He noted: "At this stage, the West is interested in keeping the country from erupting. However, what we see in terms of stability provided by the current government is not real stability .... With regards to the West, from afar they see things from another perspective. European states are saying: 'Let us focus on what is happening in Mali and Syria.' For us, this Arab Spring seems to have become a winter..."

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