Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ignatius' Smorgasbord of feces: "2.5 Millions Alawites could be granted 'Safe Passage'!"

Ignatius' and his interlocutors still believe that the 'rebels' are capable of standing to the loyalists, when in reality, everyone concluded that government forces have an exclusivity over the military solution! (though slowly)
"... The transition process would begin with the identification of 100 regime insiders whose defection could accelerate Assad’s fall. Some of these Assad supporters might be offered partial amnesty if they agreed to cooperate. The sooner they defected, the more leverage they might have under a future government. As part of the political transition, a compensation fund would be created to aid victims of the war.Alawites who aren’t in the inner circle (2.5 millions) would be offered “safe passage,” explains a Syrian Support Group memo outlining the plan...."

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