Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Hezbollah is (the only group) helping displaced Sunnis as well as Shiites"

"...Despite its unflinching support for the Syrian government during the last two years, the militant Shiite Muslim group Hezbollah has been quietly aiding Syrians living in Lebanon – including those who don’t support its political positions.“Since the beginning of the events in Syria we have been helping refugees,” said Imad al Wahda, a Hezbollah representative in this southern Lebanese city that is considered a party stronghold.
“We have provided more than 2,000 houses and apartments in Nabatiyeh and the surrounding villages,” Wahda said. “Some homes have two or three families in them.” 
While the majority of the Syrians in Lebanon have fled to areas dominated by the same sect as the one to which they belong, Hezbollah is indeed helping displaced Sunnis as well as Shiites........
Umm Ibrahim shares a four-room apartment with 20 people. She had recently taken her children for immunizations at a hospital run by Hezbollah. She said that when her family came to Nabatiyeh four months ago, Hezbollah also gave them blankets and heaters....."

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