Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Gathering evidences & files against Turkish authorities" looting Syria's resources

"... 85 people including 15 Lawyers from the Contemporary Lawyers Association (CHD) were arrested last week. Police sources blamed that the arrested lawyers were working for "foreign states" and "espionage". Police also raided the bureaus of the lawyers and association.
CHD is known as a leftist lawyer-association and the members of the association have been fighting against torture and human rights abuses in Turkey for decades.
And last week two leaders of the Association (they were arrested too) visited Syria for gathering evidences and files against Turkish authorities who are for them involving in looting in the north of Syria. (Syria officialy blamed Turkey about the looting and called United Nations to investigate)
One of the leaders of the CHD announceda in Dimashk (Damascus) that they are ready for defending the rights of Syrian civilians too and last week and he was arrested in Istanbul airport on the way from Syria. They are charged with being members of a terrorist organization!"..."

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