Monday, January 14, 2013

FLC: "We have been warning against this since Day 1!"

The presence of Syrian rebel groups in Lebanon is by no means under duress: It is a calculated presence, financed & supported by Lebanese political parties hoping to turn the tables on the powers to be (read: Hezbollah & allies) once their brethren in Syria 'finish the regime'.
"... At the same time that the displaced have been spreading to the north, the Bekaa, Beirut and even to the far south, official security reports have begun to note a substantial and gradual rise in small crimes, theft, and attacks on property. The security forces publish these reports every week. It should be noted that the most disturbing phenomenon is not crimes done by individuals but the existence of organized armed groups. For example, the Lebanese army has issued on Sept. 19 an official report about clashes between Lebanese army units and armed Syrian oppositionists in the Arsal area in the Bekaa, which is one of the areas where Syrian dissidents have gone. Official reports confirm that there has been repeated similar incidents..."

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