Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Covert-ops to defend Saudi oil fields ...

'Clinton & MbN'
"... What really has my spidey sense tingling is the funding structure here: a bank account set up to fund what our counterterrorism liaison, MbN, deems critical to defend the oil fields (located among Saudi Arabia’s restless Shia minority) or borders (where the Saudis have attacked Houthis and other Yemeni insurgent groups, or where the Saudis have helped Bahrain brutally defend against its own insurgency). The entities against which MbN would be defending Saudi infrastructures (and borders) are precisely the ones we’re partnering with him on covert ops with. So how much of that goes through the special bank account?So when US Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein (who was involved in setting up the TCAaccuses Iran of intervention in Yemen the day before MbN arrives in the US, followed by somewhat dubious claims today of Iranian arms shipments to Yemen..."

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Bandoero said...

I wouldn't label this "covert-ops to defend Saudi oil fields." That's sounds a bit negative.

I think much better would sound a label like "covert-ops to defend common values."