Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bahraini version of Igor!

 'Princess Noura!'
"... Princess Noura Bint Ebrahim al-Khalifa, who works in Bahrain'sDrugs Control Unit, has been accused with another officer of torturing two doctors and brothers, Ghassan and Bassem Daif, who worked at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, the BBC reports.
The two doctors were among medical staff from the facility who were arrested and detained because they had helped injured protesters after security police had used force to disperse them.
The princess, who has denied the charges, has also been accused of torturing 21-year-old Ayad al-Qurmazi, who was arrested in 2011 after she publicly read out poetry that criticised the ruling family.
Alleging that she was detained and tortured for nine days, al-Qurmazi said she does not regret taking Princess Noura Bint Ebrahim al-Khalifa to court, even though she was the target of online threats and abuses..."

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