Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"You (and a sex-tape starlet) are making deals with the royals!"

"... MANAMA, Bahrain - When your humble Cableguy finally arrived at the Kim Kardashian-endorsed Millions of Milkshakes franchise in Bahrain, we felt like our pilgrimage to the promised land of strawberries and whipped cream had been one of enlightenment and intrigue -- but certainly not in the way the sex-tape starlet or the government of Bahrain had hoped.  What a colleague and I never expected when planning the adventure was that our taxi driver would be a Shiite Bahraini who spoke fluent English -- and told us the story of how the Bahraini police tear gassed his village and shot his son for protesting peacefully...  "Everyone here knows that the U.S. is not on the side of the people. You can have democracy, but why can't we have it? Because you are making deals with the royals, it's clear, everybody knows that," he said...."

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