Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If it quacks like a 'network' ... it must be a 'network'

Via AngryArab;
"... The US deniedon Wednesday local media reports that it was aiming to set up a telecom network in Lebanon.“The US Government is not seeking to build a telecommunications network in Lebanon as was alleged in an article published by As-Safir on December 15,” a statement issued by the US Embassy in Lebanon said. The statement added that a law firm working for private US military contractor was asked to submit a request for internet bandwidth access to the Lebanese Telecommunications Ministry."We further understand that the law firm was instructed to submit this request directly to the Ministry of Telecommunications by staff at the Ministry.”“The US Embassy was not previously aware of the request and will follow up on this request with the Lebanese Government as appropriate.”
Lebanese As-Safir daily reported on Saturday that the “US Army filed through the US Embassy a request to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to obtain a license for a massive telecommunications station in Lebanon, probably within the geographical perimeter of the US Embassy in Awkar.”

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blowback said...

All the better to listen into Hezbollah's communications and feed the results to Israel. There really are some extremely dumb Americans.