Thursday, December 13, 2012

Funny how Sergei Lavrov's iron clad pronouncements on Syria are ignored & one out-of-context remark by Bogdanov is taken as biblical truth!

Regardless, ... WE remain convinced that distortions to what is really happening 'on the ground', continue to trickle through western media. In 'Rif Dimashq' opposition fighters were severely beaten, hence the crescendo of CWs & Scuds 'stories'. Western military intervention remains highly unlikely & government's military edge will remain a constant. 
'... Other Russian officials also weighed in on the deteriorating situation in Syria following the Friends of Syria meeting, which was held in Marrakesh, Morocco, on Wednesday.
Alexei Pushkov, the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, believes the decision makes the prospects for a peaceful resolution to the conflict exceedingly grim.
"Recognition of the Syrian opposition as ‘legitimate’ authorities by the ‘Friends of Syria’ gives up on any attempts to find a political solution. The only option now is war," Pushkov wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday.
Many Russian diplomats view this latest development as a major setback in the Syrian conflict, arguing that the newly recognized coalition does not adequately represent the political will of the Syrian people....
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said recognition of the opposition coalition hinders efforts to establish a smooth political transition in Syria.
"As the coalition has been recognized as the only legitimate representative, it seems that the United States decided to place all bets on the armed victory of this very national coalition," Lavrov said.
Moscow, which warned its western partners that “Syria is not Libya,” is fiercely opposed to any outside military interference in the conflict...'

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