Monday, December 3, 2012

"Allo? Saad Hariri is not sleeping, he is mad as hell!"

Harakiri by any other name...  While the strategically autistic rulers of Saudi Arabia & Qatar are cozy at home, dispensing checks & death in Syria, they send their 'boys minions' to do their dirty work for them: Results? Death for Syrians & sleepless nights in Jeddah, Paris & Istanbul!
[al Akhbar] "... Mokdad (Manicured FSA spokesman) asks if the man on the other line was Saad Hariri; Sakr tells him that the latter is “going mad”, and that he had wanted to end the battle.. (This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition)
Louai al-Mokdad: ‘Allo
Okab Sakr: ‘Allo 
LM: Yes, Okab.. 
OS: Yes, Louai, stay with me for a minute. Stay with me for a minute. 
OS: [Speaking to someone else on the phone] Hello, yes. No. No. It will be resolved...It will be resolved...It will be resolved. We are following it up...I know you did not sleep. I did not sleep.That too...We are following it up...I know, I know. And in Saudi. They are all following.No. It will be settled, God willing. This one will be settled...Definitely...Okay, okay, we will talk...Yeah, yeah, I will inform you moment by moment. 
OS: [Back to Louai] Hello. Hello. Yes, Louai. 
LM: Yes, dear. What’s going on?OS: It’s a mess. It’s a complete mess. 
LM: Who was that? Sheik Saad [Hariri]? 
OS: Hariri is mad as hell. He wants to settle it, in any way possible. 
LM: Oh man, today I... 
OS: You spoke to them? What did they tell you? 
LM: They called me today more than ten times. The same needs. The smallest thing they want is medium-caliber ammunition, that is. 
OS: Medium-caliber ammunition? 
LM: At least. Did you put Sheikh Hariri in the picture? 
OS: I did. Believe me, he is not sleeping. He is following up moment by moment and second by second. And he wants to settle it in any way. He was saying, this has to be resolved specifically, and there is no space for failure. 
LM: Okab, there is a problem they are facing. Man, the region is falling and if it falls, there will be a domino effect. All the surrounding regions will fall. You know? 
OS: Man, I know it is. But I told you. I spoke to his excellency and he said we had to resolve it. We did not go into the details and we will not go into the details. We have a cause we need to resolve and get it over with.

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