Monday, November 12, 2012

"They put their tails behind them and left."

 Arabs enemies the IDF can beat to a pulp!
"... "We said we were responsible [for sending the drone], and what did the Israelis do in response? Nothing," Nasrallah said. "They put their tails behind them and left.""We have a different reality in Lebanon now," he continued. "No longer can they come to Lebanon and bomb and assault, it's no longer so simple."
He added that Hezbollah's military and intelligence capabilities along with the army and the people of the country together form the resistance of Lebanon.
He also called for parties of different factions who fought Israel during its occupation of Lebanon to be allowed to participate in the formation of Lebanon's national defense strategy.
"Who fought Israel for 30 years? The Lebanese Communist Party is a resistance party. Why isn't the LCP sitting down to discuss national defense strategy?"
"There are others, the Nasserites, the Syrian Baathists, the list is long of those who sacrificed their martyrs who are being left out. Is it just and fair that those who worked with Israel can sit down at the table, and those who fought it cannot?"..."

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