Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cannot be good for UAE's 'The National' when a Zionist neocon convict praises it!

 Attending 'Collaboratorama' gala, 
aka American Task Force Palestine
Abrams at the CFR says "... In fact common sense about this issue has been almost entirely absent among Palestinian leaders, and more widely among Arab states. For this reason an editorial in The National, the English-language newspaper in the UAE, bears reading. Here is an excerpt:
"... [Abbas's] comment struck many observers as the diplomatic equivalent of waving a white flag. A failure of leadership, some Palestinians claimed. Traitor, others called him. Yet no one, as far as we can tell, has yet offered a more appropriate label for the comment: realistic.
Mr Abbas no doubt underestimated, astonishing though this seems, the passions Palestinians hold for their ancestral homeland. But if the Palestinians’ goal is an independent state – a position they will soon be advocating again at the UN – then the only way forward will be through hard, painful compromise. (The Victims; The Aggressed are expected to make concessions?)
Mr Abbas unintentionally alienated some who support his policies; on Monday, as criticism mounted, he said he had been giving his personal view, not the view of his government or party.
Despite that, he may have succeeded in injecting the Palestinian issue into Israeli politics….In a dispute as deadlocked as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, both realism and openness to calculated compromise are valuable traits, not liabilities, in political leadership..."

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