Sunday, November 25, 2012

Administration Officials: 'Morsi is supportive of US interests vis-a-vis Israel!'

'Though coming to an unwelcome surprise to them, US officials are not displeased with the cease-fire agreement that has brought at least temporary calm to the Gaza crisis. Secretary of State Clinton active involvement did, they believe, restore a small measure of American authority in the region. Vis a vis Tel Aviv, Washington was able both to reiterate its strong support for Israel's right of self-defense and to counsel restraint. In Egyptian President Morsi, Administration officials believe that they have found a possible new partner in the Middle East in the new post-Arab spring circumstances. They are concerned about his assumption of additional powers, but overall see his role in the Gaza crisis as effective and supportive of US interests. Some commentators foresee a new round of US pro-active engagement in the Middle East peace process and indeed in general foreign policy. We are less sure. Once Congress reconvenes after its Thanksgiving break, President Obama’s focus will once again be on the “fiscal cliff” problem that needs to be resolved by December 31st. On this some technical progress is being made, but the most intractable issues lie ahead. We see plenty of volatility in the coming weeks. We also believe that Obama will continue to adhere to a policy of crisis avoidance on issues like Iran and Syria rather than seeking to bring things to a confrontation. ....'

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