Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Qatari 'al Watan': "Al Arabiya is lies, fabrications & more lies!'

Looky here: A Qatari newspaper lambasts Al Arabiya like no one ever did, so far!
جريدة الوطن - Newspaper Al Watan - العربية.. «أن تكذب أكثر»! And just in case this gets erased, here is a crude translation of excerpts:
"...Do you remember the issue of media baron Rupert Murdoch, and the closure of one of the largest newspapers in the United Kingdom the News of the World after its involvement in the wiretapping scandal on voice mail and phones hundreds of British citizens ..?
You now have a similar story, but without professional ethics:
In the new documents, which were aired as «Arab event»,  information described as highly classified accused the Syrian regime of setting the fire in the Villagio Mall here in Qatar, on May 28 last year, an investigation by the competent authorities concluded  that the fire was caused by  'faulty wiring'...  , which had begun in the upper floor (mezzanine) sportswear shop, and then spread quickly ...
Al Arabiya then went on to say that according to a 'confidential document', 
The Syrian ambassador in question (Hajem Ibrahim) ended his tenure and left Qatar six years BEFORE the Villagio fire ... The Syrian embassy was closed on the 8th of february and all employees left Qatar, when Al Arabiya says that the Syrian regime decided to create the 'branch' in Qatar on February 18th! .... for these reasons we conclude that the 'document' mentioned by Al Arabiya (they pretend to have a copy of it) is a complete fake, and Al Arabiya could have resorted to the web to check the most basic informations ...
Most importantly, are the results of the Qatari investigations that could have prevented  al Arabiya from  broadcasting what amounted to a bad version of a  «James Bond» movie, ...
The question that arises now is: Was this the first time that Al Arabiya broadcasted lies and fabrications?
There are lots and lots of false Al Arabiya news, including but not limited to .. News of the defection Farouk al-Shara, aired last August, and was a lie ... and what was posted «Arabiya Net» last April of a coup attempt in Qatar, before its management decided to delete from its website minutes later and then the official apology of  Mohammed Saud Jamal senior editor of al Arabia that the news published was false, and to make matters worse, al Arabiya went on to say that its site was 'hacked', when in reality and simultaneously, their 'Grand Wizard' apologized for publishing 'false news'  ..."

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