Monday, October 15, 2012

Mufti of Lebanon: "Drone's Excellent strategic move!"

Seems like yesterday when he said that "We had enough of Hezbollah"
"...“There is a scheme to fragment the entire Arab region for the sake of Israel,” the mufti warned.
“Where is the state in Iraq today? People are tearing each other apart. They want to turn Lebanon and Syria into another Iraq,” Qabbani cautioned.
He noted that he was not referring to the regime in Damascus, but rather “speaking objectively.”
“I'm not saying that the regimes must stay, but I'm saying that the creeping plot is seeking to fragment the Arab states into sectarian states and Israel is moving forward to create its grand state,” Qabbani added.
Turning to the dispute with his one-time allies, al-Mustaqbal Movement, Qabbani said: “I do not accept to be controlled by anyone and this is the reason behind the dispute with Mustaqbal and March 14. My dispute with them was never over their policy, which is patriotic, but as individuals they are not competent.”
Asked about Israel's threats and the reconnaissance drone sent by Hizbullah over the Jewish state, the mufti described the move as “an excellent, strategic action.”
“Let us speak realistically and objectively without taking into consideration those who approve this move and those who don't. The action itself, regardless of the side behind it, is an excellent, strategic action, but I would have liked to see it happening under the state's authority,” Qabbani said. ..."

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