Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How a 'story' is planted by Saudi-tools, picked up by Western media & then again, gets cited by Saudi-tools'

[AA] "I showed you previously the example of how a well-known Western reporter, Brian Whitaker, was copying rumors from a news station of King Fahd's brother-in-law.  Take the story of the death of a Hizbullah "commander"--he is a commander but no one in Lebanon or outside of Lebanon has ever heard of him.  So the Washington Post wrote a story days ago about how Hizbullah fighters are becoming more involved in the Syria conflict.  The reporter at least said that his source is "a Lebanese official" who belongs to the March 14 coalition.  I indicated that whenever you see this source, the reference is to the Saudi-Hariri tool, Ashraf Rifi (the director of Internal Security Forces, and the board member of Prince Nayif University for Security Sciences and Torture techniques) and sometimes to Wisam Hasan, who directs the Intelligence Branch (an outfit that serves Hariri family and Saudi intelligence and which receives external funding from Western intelligence agencies and Saudi intelligence).  Days after the story appeared, Ashraf Rifi (who used to be a bodyguard for Rafiq Hariri) "revealed" to the Saudi media (anonymously lest his cover be known which would make the story less reliable) that a Hizbullah commander died in Syria fighting and the evidence that there was a funeral for a Shi`ite fellow in Ba`albak.  So Western media picked that story and Reuters published a story citing the Hariri and Saudi media.  In turn, the Saudi media and Hariri media now cite the story but instead of citing themselves and their man, Rifi, they now cite the authority of Reuters.  There should be a course in Western journalism schools about those shoddy methods of journalism--I mean, propaganda, really."

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