Friday, October 12, 2012

EXPLOSIVE: Arab League mission authorizes use of Israeli munitions against an Arab member state!

Via the industrious 'b' at MoA
"... According to the report, the Air Force lacked credible intelligence about where and how bombing missions should be carried out, significantly reducing the number of Danish and NATO bombing campaigns targeting incumbent Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.In early March 2011, the UN Security Council successfully voted on UN Resolution 1973 allowing a no-fly zone in Libya in order to protect Libyan civilians from Gaddafi's forces. Ten countries – including the US, the UK and France – approved the resolution, while five nations – Russia, China, Germany, Brazil and India – abstained from the vote.Initially, Denmark operated under American leadership, but continued the Libya campaign under NATO leadership after 31 March 2011. NATO, as opposed to the Americans, did not have intelligence people on the ground to assist the pilots where to bomb.NATO has admitted to the issue and is currently investing in new drones with which to survey enemy movements.But despite the reduction of bombing missions due to the lacking intelligence, Danish F-16 jets were still active to the point that they ran out of ammunition and were forced to acquire munitions from the US and the Netherlands.The ammunition deficiency problem eventually forced the Danish Air Force to seek precision-bomb munitions parts from Israel, a highly controversial move given that the NATO mission in Libya was backed by the Arab League, consisting of many member states have less than amicable political relations with Israel...."

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