Monday, October 22, 2012

Erdogan devises a 'new system'

[Milliyet] "... In short, Moscow’s blocking of United Nations moves and Iran’s attitude that affected Turkey’s expectations in the region pushed Ankara into a corner and forced it to change its inflexible policy on Syria.The “triple negotiation system” Erdogan spoke of after his meeting with Ahmadinejad is an important signal. The “triple negotiation system” will bring together Turkey, Egypt and Iran; Turkey, Russia and Iran; and Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to work separately toward a solution in Syria.
As one can see from Erdogan’s statement, the initiative aims to overcome the obstacle of Saudi unwillingness to the sit at the same table with Iran. Turkey seems to have cured itself of the allergy of discussing Syria with Russia and Iran.
Responsibility now lies with regional powers instead of the passive international community under the UN banner. The involvement of Russia and Iran also means that, Assad's regime, if not Assad, will have a place at the negotiating table."

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