Sunday, October 21, 2012

'Doctored ammunition'

The NYTimes finds this 'controversial', yet will not say a word about car or suicide bombs in public places, or Sheikh A'rur's meat grinders! (they reassured us that A'rur's meat grinders will be used only against those millions who support the regime in Damascus!)
[NYTimes] "... Doctored ammunition offers an insidious way to undermine the rebels’ confidence in their ammunition supply while simultaneously thinning their ranks.“When they do this, you will lose both the man and the rifle,” said Ghadir Hammoush, the commander of a fighting group in Idlib Province who said he knew of five instances in which rifles had exploded from booby-trapped ammunition....
The primary source for doctored ammunition has been the Syrian government, which mixes exploding cartridges with ordinary rounds on the black markets through which rebels acquire weapons, the commanders said..."

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