Thursday, September 27, 2012

Putin: "Our partners in the West cannot stop their policy of chaos in Syria"

"... "The main thing is that our partners cannot stop. Having already created an atmosphere of chaos in many countries, they are now continuing that policy in others, in particular Syria," he said..... 
"We have warned of the need to tread carefully, not impose any force, which leads to chaos. And what do we see now? A situation much like chaos," he said, adding that Russia has never forced its own will on any other country.
Citing the historical example of the Roman Empire's invasion of Carthage, he said it would be "very unfortunate" if a similar scenario were to be repeated today.
"In my view, something like this is already happening, when strong nations are trying to impose their own rules of conduct and moral codes on weaker states," without properly considering the historical and social contexts, Putin said...."

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