Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Qatar's al Quds al Arabi: "The Syrian National Council is dead! Time to deal with Doha's Jihadists"

"... This result, which may end the Syrian National Council is neither strange or unexpected. Previous experiences have shown that those carrying the gun and fighting the battles in the field deserves to be representative & consequently will snatch the leadership.....
The Syrian Revolution is now an armed revolution, spearheaded by the Free Syrian Army& its field commanders to be at the helm...  and this explains the meeting of the ambassadors of the US Robert Ford, a former ambassador to Syria, and British 'envoy' to the FSA John Wilkes ...  to discuss the FSA's needs for financial and military assistance.
The confusion of the Western powers in recognizing & supporting the formation of the National Council  as the legitimate representative of the 'revolution',... and then give it up so easily, reflects a state of lack of understanding, and misreading of realities in Syria...  We do not expect any change to this approach in the near future.
Jihadist Islamist forces strengthened, with the increasing financial and military supports in recent months, are now operating independently of the Syrian National Council, or the 'traditional' Syrian opposition, including the Muslim Brotherhood, these groups came to represent the 'strong third current',  and thus the backbone of the 'force de frappe' of the Syrian revolution.
The British-French-American triumvirate is now in facing a single option of recognizing & dealing with these groups as de facto powers on the ground, or fight it. However, recognizing and dealing with them would be in contradiction with all the claims that Western powers are in an existencial war against Jihadists  groups, and fighting them ' means that the West in the same trench as the Assad Regime.
Would not anticipate things, and we call predictions about what can be crystallized by the form of decision-western future on this issue, but what can be said with confidence that these jihadi groups pulled the rug out from under the feet of everyone, and now number more difficult in the equation Syrian, and it is too late for any decision Western U.S. to change this fact...."

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