Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hollande talks tough but hopes no one outside the hexagon is listening!

"...An IPSOS poll for French weekly news magazine Le Point on Monday showed that his approval rating has dropped from 55% to 44% in August alone.“Although this has just as much to do with unemployment in France as criticism over Syria, these comments from Sarkozy and Fillon will certainly have had a negative effect,” IPSOS polling director Mathieu Doiret told FRANCE 24.
“It boils down to being perceived to be absent at a time of crisis.”
Hollande’s speech on Monday sought to answer some of these criticisms and to tackle head on his crumbling domestic approval.
His demand for the Syrian rebels to form a provisional government and that France would recognise it is an unprecedented step – most western nations, while calling for Assad to step down, have not formally said that they will recognise the opposition.

While most diplomats recognise that a united opposition is a vital prerequisite to a transition of power, outside of France there is more reluctance to recognise the opposition while it remains plagued by divisions and without even a transition plan..."

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