Monday, July 30, 2012

"What will happen in Aleppo? Probably what happened in Damascus – the rebels will lose!"

Via MoonOfAlabama; 'Alex Thomson is in Syria for the British Channel 4. He put up a Q&A at his blog. Some excerpts:'
What will happen in Aleppo?
Probably what happened in Damascus – the rebels will lose. ...But the rebels look to be doing well on TV?That’s because they are winning the propaganda war better than the real war. ...But why is the Syrian army shelling its own people?You could just as easily ask why are the rebels using the Syrian people as human shields? It’s a dirty civil war and the rebels sometimes choose to fight in residential areas. ...So what do Syrians want?Hard to tell. But for sure this is not Egypt – there are no Tahrir Squares or vast protests against the regime.There is no discernible sign in any of the big cities – Homs, Aleppo and Damascus for example,that the people even wish to rise up against the regime ..."


Anonymous said...

There are daily protests in Syria however not the masses we saw in Tahrir Square because when the protestors gather and protest they are slaughtered. Very simple.

Anonymous said...

Orrr, they protest for 5-10 minutes--just long enough to take a video and some pictures--then take their meager payments and go back home.

If they had enough public support to gather a Tahrir square, is the army going to slaughter them? Let them wave their French occupation flags like there's no tomorrow, but fact is, they barely have any actual support *inside* Syria.