Friday, June 29, 2012

US Naval Intelligence Official: ""Israel is my real home!"

Washington -- The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency has
just released an internal briefing video that is now available online on both
Vimeo and Youtube.  The IRmep Center for
Policy and Law Enforcement obtained release under the Freedom of Information
As it happened, I was on the JCS damage assessment board convened after Pollard's arrest.  This guy had "flags" hung out all over him.  He should never have been hired or cleared for employment in naval intelligence.  He had a clear record of telling people things like "Israel is my real home."  The material he stole at the direction of the Israelis was mostly concerned with Soviet affairs.  The Israelis wanted it for barter with the Soviet government.  pl


blowback said...

"She insists on remaining anonymous".

Best decision she ever made after shopping Pollard to the authorities. No doubt there are many American Zionists who regard her as an anti-Semite and traitor!

Anonymous said...

What is funny is that this Video by the Zioconned DIA, comes only 36 years late..., since Jonathan Pollard was caught in 1986....