Thursday, June 21, 2012

"He didn't get it. Or more likely, he doesn't want to get it ..."

"... Reuters UN bureau chief Lou Charbonneau is treating a rumor peddled by UK's prime minister Cameron as news even after it was proven to be false.
UK Prime Minister Cameron says #Russia's #Putin was explicit in saying he doesn't want #Assad - remaining in power in #Syria - @reuters
3:21 PM - 19 Jun 12
As there have been some ten or so news alerts over the last months, all proven wrong, that the Russian Federation changed its position on Syria, shouldn't a serious journalist first confirm what a lying shit like Cameron says before distributing it?
If confirmed, this is big news #Russia's #Putin no longer backs #Syria's #Assad UK's PM Cameron via @reuters
4:02 PM - 19 Jun 12
Yeah, if confirmed, otherwise it is nonsense. So why is Lou Charbonneau distributing it?
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says Cameron remark about #Putin wanting #Syria's Assad out doesn't correspond to reality @reuters
4:29 PM - 19 Jun 12
Which was of course obvious for anyone who has followed the issue. For example for Blake Hounshell, the editor of Foreign Policy
I'm old enough to remember the previous 10 times people have reported that Putin is ready to dump Assad.
5:21 PM - 19 Jun 12
So is this settled now and will Lou Charbonneau backpaddle on his false rumor spreading?
British PM #Cameron says #Putin no longer backs #Syria's #Assad
6:05 PM - 19 Jun 12
Lou Charbonneau continues to spread Cameron's lies despite of his obvious knowledge of a clear denial from the Russian Federation. However you might call that, reporting it isn't. 
#Russia's Putin reiterates Syrians should decide whether Assad remains in power in #Syria
6:24 PM - 19 Jun 12
So after even Putin confirms what Lavrov said - no change in Russia's position, does Lou Charbonneau finally get that Cameron obviously lied?
Contradictory signals from G20: UK says #Russia turns on #Syria's #Assad Obama, Putin cast doubt on that via @reuters
6:53 PM - 19 Jun 12
He didn't get it. Or more likely, he doesn't want to get it. These ain't contradictory signals. Cameron obviously lied about what Putin said. Putin says so as as does Lavrov as does Obama..."

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