Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eric Follath (Der Spiegel) back in 2005: "Bye-Bye Hariri: Syria did it"

Thanks to 'b' at MOA, this clown's 2005' piece, blaming Syria .. according to the same 'leaks'...Spiegel, here
"...But the information in the report will hardly suffice as justification for a second "regime change" in the Middle East. Mehlis was unable to find the proverbial "smoking gun" -- evidence, hoped for by the United States, that Syrian President Bashar Assad, not exactly a favorite of the Bush administration, personally ordered Hariri's assassination...."
'b' also points out that Follath is the writer of a book "...about the Israeli Mossad and killer commandos which suggest some internal information channels" with the Israeli agency..."
Das Auge Davids. Die geheimen Kommando- Unternehmen der Israelis.

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