Monday, July 14, 2008

"..Soon, Washington may modify its aid to the Lebanese Army, because of Hezbollah’s recent political and military gains.."

WINEP's Schenker previously (WINEP- May 9th) very excited about supporting the LAF, has second thoughts now..., in MESH here
"...Several recent developments have sparked the debate about this previously uncontroversial U.S. assistance provided to the military of the only pro-West, democratically elected Arab government. First, as a result of Hezbollah’s May 2008 blitz on Beirut, the Shiite militia cum terrorist organization has rejoined the Lebanese government, with important de jure powers (i.e., the blocking third in the parliament). Questions are also being raised about the utility of funding the LAF, particularly following the organization’s actions—or inactions—this past May. Essentially, the LAF was missing in action. At a minimum, the army did not protect national institutions; some accuse the LAF of colluding with Hezbollah in the raid...."

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