Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bahiyyah Al-Hariri defends Jund el Sham and "distinguishes" them from Fath el Islam

From SidoniaNews via AngryArab and a reader, we learn that MP Bahia Al Hariri, who is said to be the "wallet" to the Salafis in the Ain el Helweh (South Lebanon) telephoned Walid Jumblat and offered "clarifications" distinguishing, to anyone with enough freekin' guile to believe her, that Jund el Islam (the Zarqawiesque' group) have nothing to do with Fath el Islam. Just a reminder, it is believed that the "wallet" in the Nahr el Bared camp (FeI's alleged home base) is Minister Ahmad Fatfat. And, yes, the mother load of all wallets remain Hariri Inc. at the behest of their patrons!

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Anonymous said...

In this article, Alarabiya states some info from "reliable security sources" that Jund el sham, the same faction that Bahiya al Hariri defends, are actually being shipped from the south to the north, to HELP Fath el islam.