Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Qatar FM belittles Baharain's deaths: 'Barely 3 or 4 deaths' he says!

Deaths in Bahrain have been said to be between 54 (Bassiouni's fact findings) and 87 (Opposition)


Disgusted Founding Senior Member of the FLC said...

This Qatari fellow is taking his cue from Bolton, who graded victims in Israel's war on Lebanon in 2006: Israelis are 10, Lebanese are 0!
THe same guy said without batting an eye in 2002 that Arabs should 'beg' (tasawol) for a cease-fire.

In his latest exchange with the media he said tantamount: we beat on Syria because we just can!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Just wanted to point out a typo. Bassiouni commission speaks of 34 deaths (not 54) and opposition speaks of 47 (not 57). The reason between the disparity is Bassiouni's mandate is limited to deaths occurring in February and March.