Tuesday, November 29, 2011

'Secret' Israeli trip to Amman to support the King's regionally & warn Hamas!

'to 'increase' stature!'
"... An aide to Mr. Peres said the president thought that Jordan would not want to publicize the visit, so the Israelis kept it quiet in advance. They were surprised — and pleased — when the Jordanians made it public.
Jordanian analysts said the trip seemed to be part of the king’s efforts to increase his regional role as well as a message to the Palestinians that they could not avoid negotiations with Israel even as they sought unity between the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority and Hamas, which rules in Gaza.
It is also considered a warning to Khaled Meshal, the Hamas chief, that his coming trip to Jordan, his first official visit in years, should not be seen as a sign of a shift in Jordanian policy. Like the Persian Gulf monarchs, King Abdullah fears giving too much license to Islamist forces..."

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