Sunday, November 27, 2011

Evidence of political instability in Pakistan makes this question significant: 'Can Pakistan strike Israel?'

"... A reader & sometimes guest blogger of SST, FB Ali (retired Pakistani General) said...
A few comments on some of the points raised (with the caveat that I have no special knowledge or information about the subject).
Regarding Pakistan’s long-range missile capability, it would be safe to assume that it is currently between 2500 and 3500 km. No reliable published data is available, and I base this on the reported range of the Shaheen 2, its further development, possible payload weight reductions, and the possible availability of the Ghauri 3 (present status unclear).
As for employment, under the present set up the country’s nuclear capability is strictly meant for deterrence of an attack, focussed mainly on India. If deterrence failed, it could be used to defeat the attack.
It would surprise me very much if the Chinese (or anyone else) had any say in the disposition, much less usage, of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.
Mention has been made here, and on an earlier thread, about “grabbing” Pakistan’s nukes. I would suggest this is pure fantasy. It’s not as if this hasn’t occurred to anyone; in fact, a generally held belief in the country is that this is the main aim of the US in the region. It is widely believed in the military; even the army chief, Gen Kayani, is quoted as saying the "real aim of U.S. strategy is to de-nuclearize Pakistan" (though this may well have been for public consumption) 

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