Sunday, November 27, 2011

Clashes erupt between Syrian Armed forces & Jordanian border patrol as they try to shelter Arab-Afghans

'Nothing like a cold beer to help fight the 'Shi'a Crescent'
... and the lousy Jordanian government spin that ensued. Notice that the Jordanian Ministry of  'Media Affairs' handled the matter of a "married couple & their young child" himself, although he said that this was a daily occurrence, he took time out to comment on that specific incident . According to the free & highly creative (not) Jordan Times:
"... Syrian soldiers opened fire on a married couple and their young child as they attempted to enter the Kingdom according to Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications and Government Spokesperson Rakan Majali. Initial reports from civilians living near the border region identified the gunfire as clashes between Syrian and Jordanian forces, a claim the spokesperson denied. The Syrian family arrived in the Kingdom and received emergency medical attention, Majali indicated... 
The incident will not register a response from the Jordanian government, the spokesperson said..."
Well, according to our sources, this is not really what happened. The Jordanians who will 'not register a response', have been overwhelmed by the severe Syrian response to their attempt to cover the incursion of Arab-Afghans into Syrian territory. According to same sources, the clashes left nearly 9  killed Arab-Afghans & scores of wounded on both sides of the fence. 
Incredible last sprint prior to America's exit from Iraq!
Affaire a suivre!

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This so called KING is a foreign asset of CIA-MOSSAD-MI6 assassins wall to wall.....