Saturday, May 30, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: An Nahar has today's 'scoop'

From the lame drivel found in An Nahar today!
علق نائب في الاكثرية على كلام مرشح في جبيل "اننا نحكي لبناني" بالقول: هل نحن نحكي اجنبي؟ ولفته الى ان عبارة "زي" تعني بالصيداوي "مثل"، ونصح له بتعلم "اللبناني الأصيل".

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Anonymous said...

Simon thought that Zay is Saudi dialect while it is Lebanese Saidawi dialect.

The problem is not whether we say metel ma hie or zay ma hie.

The problem is the principle of "zay ma hie", the principle of voting for an entire list because it has been stamped by the zaim or feudal lord, even if there are some morons or corrupt bastards on the list.

PS. The really important news in An Nahar briefs today is that Hussein Husseini discreetly returned his salary to the Lebanese State. This is an exemplary statesman and this is what you should have featured on FLC.

How often does this happen ?