Saturday, May 30, 2009

Congress gives Obama green light to squeeze Israel

Aluf Benn, in Haaretz, here
"United States President Barack Obama lays out long-term visionary goals, such as Middle East peace, but he moves with political pragmatism in advancing them. This is as true of his domestic and economic objectives as it is of his complex approach to Israel. 
His statements are carefully tailored to the measure of Congress' support for Israel. Congressional representatives are committed to preserving Israel's security and dealing with Iran, but do not support strengthening the settlements. So Obama stresses his support for Israel's security, but is willing to confront Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the settlements.....
Obama demanded that the Palestinians stop their incitement against Israel and said he would not talk to Hamas until it recognizes Israel. Congress supports these positions strongly, but they have a price. On the eve of Obama's "reconciliation" speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, scheduled for this Thursday, he has one main demand from Israel - stop the settlements. That was his little gift to the Arab world. ...
Netanyahu sent a dovish member of his cabinet, Ehud Barak, to the U.S. to explain that there is no chance of the Israeli political system accepting the freeze. 
The Americans are insisting ........Netanyahu faces a difficult dilemma, whose outcome will also affect his coalition's fate. He does not have too many cards to play with, but realizes he must give the Americans something. In the coming weeks he will try to concoct a formula that will keep his coalition and party intact, and satisfy Obama as well."

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ritalin said...

I've seen this photo of Zionist "settlers" before.
There is something very scary about these two guys. They look threatening in a bone chilling way. They seem highly educated not lower middle class settlers with poor educations. These two look like they really know the score.Not followers but leaders. leaders in killing other human beings.