Monday, October 20, 2008

WINEP: "Another war with Hizballah is inevitable, and Israel is making preparations to ensure that the next round is decisive.."

"...Moreover, Israel now faces a more formidable organization, one that is better supplied and entrenched than it was two years ago. Although Israel's reaction to the kidnapping of two soldiers in 2006 took Hizballah's leadership by surprise and may have increased Israel's regional deterrence, the mixed performance of the IDF during the campaign undercut the shock value, making its impact of limited value and efficacy..."

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mo said...

"may have increased Israel's regional deterrence"

Wait what? Increased? Thats really the view from Israel? Is that why Livni and al-Faisal are getting into bed with one another?

Wait, is that it? Are Livni and al-Faisal lovers?