Monday, October 20, 2008

The Republicans have lifted the lid off their rightwing id

Tomasky, in the Guardian, here
"...It's true that we're hearing racial-code talk here and there. But the main fear tactic being employed now is something else. It's that Obama and his associates - and for that matter his supporters and even the regions of the country that he's destined to carry - are anti-American..........'But friends, all is not darkness. Bachmann's appearance caused a national uproar. Colin Powell, in endorsing Obama yesterday, said of Bachmann's comments that "we have got to stop this kind of nonsense and pull ourselves together". Her Democratic opponent raised nearly half a million dollars from around the country in just 24 hours, and he now has a chance of beating her...........Now McCain's supporters are casting Obama as anti-American. This may well scare voters, but not the way they mean to.."

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