Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Qataris 'extend' Lebanon talks and submit two proposals

Talks 'extended' for 24 hours and Hamad Bin Jassem submits to the opposing sides two 'proposals' (Aoun confirms that the Opposition DID NOT receive any proposal):
(Proposal A): National Unity Government: "Loyalists" retain 16 portfolios, while Opposition gets 'veto power' with 11, and President gets 3 portfolios.
Beirut electoral 'redistricting': District 1: 7 Seats... District 2: 7 seats ... DISTRICT 3: 5 SEATS!
(Proposal B:) National Unity Government (same as above)
Electoral Law to be ratified by Parliament as it stands today.... (A trick if you ask me..)


mo said...

Im confused, how does 11 of 19 get you a veto?

G, M, Z, or B said...
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G, M, Z, or B said...

1/3 + 1 gets you veto power .. so even if the President turns out to be a Judas (*), the opposition would still have 1/3+1 ...

(*) Charles Rizk, Elias Murr, Tareq Mitri, ... etc. are examples of Modern Lebanese Judas's...
La Samaha Allah the next President (and/or his ministers)turn out to be such, ...11 would guarantee that the Opposition will partake in 'Decisions'

mo said...

thanks gpc, dont know why I was thinking one half + 1, long day. It doesnt seem there is a solution is in the offing. Kudos to your sources so far though.

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