Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Christians marginalised in Lebanon crisis

In Reuters, here

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mo said...

Astounding isn't it. Salafists go around driving Christians from iraq and calling Christians "kuffar" and its the Shia the Christians they talked seem worried about?

Its a mazing that Lebanon is so small and Christians living in Achrafieh and Kiserwan stil do not realise how many christinas live in Haret Hreik and the Dahyieh without being "under the knife".

But, with all respect to the Prof., I dont believe the Christian community has no significant role to play. In fact, they seem marginalised, in my opinion, only because they do not really feel threatened by either side. But to say that Aoun or Geageas roles in their respective groups is insignifigant or that the importance of having them in those groups is insignificant, I believe seriously understimates the strength they bring to the tabe.