Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Contiguous" Jewish neighborhoods East of Jerusalem will in no way be forfeited from Israel under any agreement. Basta!

Martin Peretz in TNR, here.
"... Greater Jerusalem is still a vague concept and a vaguer reality. But its outlines are clear. There are some contiguous Jewish neighborhoods east of the city proper, big neighborhoods. There is no way these will be forfeited from Israeli under any agreement. Basta! Finito! Gemacht! Dayenu! Yes, this is another price the Palestinians will pay for having hijacked the peace process for so many years. These are now facts on the ground, and President Bush's roadmap letter recognizes this. Whatever Israeli government sits in Jerusalem will not act as if it is otherwise..."

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bishop said...

i have to disagree with the statement about "the longer they wait the less they will get." they should hold out for their due - the 1947 borders. that is the law. i know that looks like that will never happen. but that is what the international law says. to accept less (than the less than half of traditional Palestine that those borders represent) is just too humiliating, and too unjust. if Israel had no problems moving into the Palestinian houses that they drove them from (that many expected to come back to)... then i'm sure Palestinians could find it in themselves to do the same with any Israeli houses that the inhabitants didn't want to inhabit under a ruling Palestinian government. they've resisted for this long... why give in now.