Monday, August 27, 2007

Hezbollah & The UNIFIL's Spaniards: "Precious Leads"

Contrary to Samir Geagea's "pontifications", LAF sources have told FLC that Hezbollah offered a lot of "valuable" information regarding the lethal attacks that targeted the Spanish UNIFIL contingent in South Lebanon. Same is said of the attacks that targeted the Tanzanian contingent. Army Intelligence is after 3 individuals thought to be in "enclosed areas" of South Lebanon.


Salem said...

This is not the first time Samir Geagea tries to inject false and dangerous ideas like that in the media.
But this is not entirely his fault; the incompetent Lebanese government has not provided the public with any investigation results regarding the last 2-3 years security breaches even though many prominent figures were targeted, mutilated or even killed.
Geagea has the right to speak whatever he wants, but it's the government's responsibility to correct him and the courts' responsibility to (once and for all) drag him for accountability.

bishop said...

i have only read this blog for 2 days. so i know nothing about the blogger, ie. where he/she is from, etc. but it already seems like they like to blame Hizbollah... like Bush likes to blame Iran.

G, M, Z, or B said...

How did you sense that Bishop?

bishop said...

how does one sense anything?

Salem said...

bishop, no wonder you guys only move orthogonally.
Move diagonally for a change.