Friday, April 20, 2007

"Muslim Brotherhood" opens office in Washington, DC and its counsel is a former US Ambassador ...

From sources close to the Syrian branch of the "MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD", I just learned that the "Bros" are opening an office in Washington, DC and their "counsel" will be former US Ambassador to Qatar Elizabeth McKune. The "Bros" have apparently studied all four corners of their strategy with "officials in Foggy Bottom, the NSC and on Capitol Hill, including deputy assistant Secretary of State, Scott Carpenter. In a nutshell, the Administration's policy of cultivating dubious allies in the Middle East continues unabated. After Fath il Islam, Esbat al Ansar in Lebanon (Sy Hersh "redirection"), comes the "Brotherhood" from Syria ... What next? a Zawahiri "liaison office" on "K" street?

Reminder: The "Bros" are the back bone of the "Syrian Salvation Front" with dissident former Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam as "front president."

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Anonymous said...

"What next? a Zawahiri "liaison office" on "K" street?"
Well said.
Maybe we will hear of a Ba'ath Liaison office.
What a joke.