Friday, April 20, 2007

The Hariri Tribunal: "...consensual approach that won't survive after 2009..."

Joshua Landis at SyriaComment, lists a number of "analysts" who agree that the international tribunal called for by the UN to try the Hariri murder case "... will be established under chapter 7." An analyst friend of Prof. Landis (in Washington) has this to say:

" ... The tribunal is less driven by the fortunes of Bush than you think. There is a real bureaucratic and policy consensus at this point that drives the process. This is not a mere Bush fantasy, this is an consensual approach of the US, Canada, the EU, key Arab states, implemented though UNSC resolutions and actions. It won't survive after 2009, but until then, that's what policy toward Syria and Lebanon will look like."

Read more here and here.

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