Thursday, September 11, 2014

"The chance to destroy IS is gone!!"

"... A goal of marginal containment through direct support to regional players combined with periodic retaliatory strikes might be the maximum realistic scope possible against the IS Sunni state-let. 
Arm and train the Kurds positioning for independence to press IS on the east particularly around Kirkuk.
Focus on small territorial gains and border consolidation. 
Form an alliance of convenience with Iran; also with Assad where mutually beneficial in the west. 
Assist the Shia Iraqis to train and fight with air support from the southeast, support Jordan heavily on the southwest of IS ********and make plain to Saudi, Kuwait and Turkey that they could be mangled by the IS monster they created**********.
The chance to destroy IS is gone. 
Targeting economic sites - gasoline refineries, small oil fields, bootleg pipelines, electric grids, plus pre-emptive strikes on any military concentrations might work but better to buy off the Sunni tribes slowly with Saudi money. 
US public support for boots on the ground in the US is weak. 
US public support for covert and indirect methods is probable. 
NATO allied support is meaningless. 
Let them focus on their own eastern problems.... 
Does Obama have the support of the military and I'm not referring to the officers - but the enlisted? I don't see the trust. 
Does Congress have the will to fund more war? 
Even air wars are expensive. I doubt the political will exists. 
Past this Nov. election it will be budget gamesmanship all the way to the 2016 presidential."

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